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Quick thinking Arriva Trains Wales staff help reunite Tudor with his family

11 September 2017

Quick thinking Arriva Trains Wales staff help reunite Tudor with his family: DogRescue

A BELOVED family pet narrowly avoided being flattened by a train after the driver spotted him running along the track in Cheshire.

Driver Alan Littler and Guard Peter Harber were on the Wrexham General to Bidston service when they saw Tudor scampering along in front of them.

The train had just left Neston and despite slowing down to let the dog get out of harms way, he continued running along the track in front of them.

"We followed the dog for some miles and he was begining to shred up his paws on the ballast and become exhausted," said Peter, who is based in Shrewsbury (pictured).

"It got to the point when the dog was so tired he could not go any further, so when it was safe to do so I siezed the opportunity to grab my hi-vis vest and pick him and bring him into the train, as by that time he was so far away from his home, he couldn't be left to find away back by himself.

"The poor thing was bleeding from his paws, very scared and in shock."

Luckilly Peter was able to find the tag on his collar, and contacted the owner after looking up the area code becasue the phone number only had the last six numbers.

The owners called back within a couple of minutes and Peter arranged for them to meet the train back at Neston station when the train made its return from Bidston, meaning Tudor got an unexpected free train ride to the Wirral and back.

"We gave him a drink of water and took him with us to Bidston and back again to Neston to reunite him with his owner Suzanne and her young daughter who were very pleased to see him." 

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James Nicholas

Communications Manager

Arriva Trains Wales

Notes to editors

The incident took place in August 2017