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Canton Depot welcomes Oli Wyn ahead of new S4C children's transport series

09 April 2018

Canton Depot welcomes Oli Wyn ahead of new S4C children's transport series: OliWyn1

The Train Wash at Arriva Trains Wales' Canton Depot will feature in the ground breaking new series on Friday, 27th April at 8:10am

Oli Wyn is a series about vehicles, cars and machinery of all shapes and sizes, for children who enjoy things that move; and is the latest edition to S4C's Cyw service for children between 3 and 6 years old.

Children of all abilities will enjoy learning how machines work in the company of a cat puppet called Oli Wyn. The series starts on Friday morning 30 March and in each episode, Oli Wyn will introduce us to a friend who works with machines, including a bin lorry, fire engine, and a machine used to clean trains.

The production team from Cynyrchiadau Twt Productions spent a day in the depot looking at how Arriva staff keep our trains as clean as possible.

Siwan Jobbins, from Cynyrchiadau Twt Productions, said: "Young children are fascinated by trains. For this series, we were keen to show what happens to trains after their journey - the bit the public doesn’t get to see: cleaning; washing; re-fuelling etc.

"Oli Wyn is a pre-school series aimed at kids for all abilities, including those on the autistic spectrum, who are fascinated by vehicles and how they work. It was therefore important for us to be allowed to film the process from beginning to end, showing all the leavers, buzzers, buttons and points pressed, pushed and pulled! The team at Canton depot couldn’t have been more patient and helpful. It was an absolute delight for us to film with them and we especially enjoyed the obvious warmth and camaraderie."

Every train in Arriva's fleet will go through the wash when they come onto the depot, even if it is just for a quick refuelling.

Arriva Trains Wales' Train Presentation Manager Craig Williams, Facilities Manager Ed Delahaye, Driver David Hugglestone, Trainer Kevin Branfield and Shunter Wesley Morris all worked to ensure the episode was a success and said they really enjoyed the experience.

Craig said: “It was brilliant to welcome S4C to our depot to show them some of the work we do. The train wash plays a key role in making our trains look as good as possible for customers, but isn’t something the public would normally ever see. We really hope the children watching Oli Wyn will enjoy finding out how it all works and we look forward to seeing Oli again soon!”


(Carriage cleaner John Defiglio)

Arriva Trains Wales is proud to support the Orange Wallet scheme, which helps Autistic customers and others who find it difficult to communicate on the railway.

We also have our own Confident Travel Ambassador, Robert Mann, who talks to other young people with Autism to encourage them to feel confident using public transport.


Meleri Thomas from National Autistic Society Wales says; “It was excellent to have the opportunity to work together on this project. I’d like to thank Cynyrchiadau Twt Productions for being so ready to listen to our advice and for creating a television series in Welsh that puts the needs of autistic children at the heart of the creative process. I really hope that autistic children and their families enjoy following Oli Wyn’s journeys and seeing how the different machines work.”


Contact information

James Nicholas

Communications Manager

Arriva Trains Wales

Notes to editors

  • For more information on living with Autism, go to the National Autistic Society website:
  • Phone the NAS helpline: 0808 800 4104, Monday-Thursday: 10.00am-4.00pm; Friday: 9.00am-3.00pm
  • For further information on the Cyw service, go to cymru/cyw

Cyw: Oli Wyn

Friday mornings, from 30 March to 1 June at 8.10am on S4C

The train wash episode is on 27th April

English subtitles available

On demand:, BBC iPlayer and other platforms

A Cynyrchiadau Twt Productions production for S4C