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Arriva Trains Wales fleet goes green to deliver significant fuel savings

11 September 2017

Arriva Trains Wales fleet goes green to deliver significant fuel savings: Arriva's Driver Advisory System

Arriva Trains Wales has converted its entire fleet of trains into much greener machines to deliver significant fuel savings and minimise the impact on the environment.

All of Arriva’s 125* passenger trains have now been fitted with the Driver Advisory System (DAS) which help drivers to reduce the amount of fuel they use on journeys by encouraging efficient driving practices.

Since the innovative system was first introduced two years ago nearly 750,000 litres of fuel have been saved – enough to fly an Airbus A320 around the world more than three times.

It works by advising drivers when lower speeds or long periods of coasting can be implemented to reduce fuel consumption, providing them with real-time advice based on their progress against the train timetable.

Gareth Morgan, Driver Performance Manager at Arriva Trains Wales, commented: “We started fitting our trains with the Driver Advisory System in July 2015 and began to see a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions after just a couple of months. The fantastic results are due to the dynamic way that the system operates and the commitment that our drivers have demonstrated for utilising the new technology. Trains play a huge role in sustainable transport, and installing the system across our entire network fleet is an indication of our pledge to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

“The system also helps to improve the quality of journey for our customers too. It provides drivers with technical data including their current location, estimated times of arrival and station timing information so they are much better informed. This means there is less likelihood of stopping unexpectedly at red signals or pulling abruptly into stations, resulting in a smoother ride for our passengers.”

DAS delivers benefits for drivers
DAS delivers benefits for drivers

Further sustainable methods used by Arriva Trains Wales include rainwater harvesting and smart metering.

The Rainwater Harvesting systems installed at Arriva’s Cardiff, Newport and Machynlleth depots has cut water use by 30,000m³ which is equivalent to one third of Arriva’s previous annual water use. 

Arriva Trains Wales also installed a recycling system at the vehicle wash plant in Cardiff to save water when washing the trains reducing water usage by 70% since 2010.

Smart metering technology is used across all 247 stations managed by Arriva Trains Wales to monitor ongoing electricity and gas usage, and identify opportunities for energy savings such as lower energy lighting and air-source heat pumps. 

These measures all form part of the Arriva Trains Wales commitment to identify and manage ongoing improvements in the carbon footprint, through managed reductions in fuel and electricity, to deliver a total reduction of 5% by 2018.

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* 127 total fleet. 2 Driver Van Trailers (DVT - part of loco hauled trains) not fitted.